Security tips

  • When you go out, ensure ALL windows and doors are closed and locked. Consider leaving a light on to make your property look occupied.
  • Criminals often pretend to be friendly and helpful, so that you invite them in. NEVER let anyone into your home that you are not expecting, without first checking that they are genuine – keep your door chain on and ask for identification. That ‘nice young man’ might be an opportunist thief!
  • Sometimes thieves work in pairs-one coming through the back door, whilst the
    other keeps you talking at the front. Keep your back door locked even when you are in the house.
  • Do try to avoid keeping valuables at home.
  • If you are vulnerable to burglary, a Bobby Van operator can fit a door viewer or door chain to most types of door (sometimes not possible on PVC types). If you don’t know your caller, using a chain means you don’t have to open it fully to speak to them. You can simply say “No, thank you”.